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    does anybody use a sledge towed behind a atv on the hill if so where did you get it or have you got designes ir a pic of yours

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    I used a sledge behind atv that use to be used behind highland ponies for taking deer from hill, It used a 6x2 by 4 feet long it had a arc cut out of front end and a strip of steel along the bottom and a steel frame about 30 inches wide with slats fitted on top with 1 inch gaps between each.
    Made up Aframe with ball hitch it was semi flexable with 20 deg of movement up and down so it does not dig in if crossing ditches.
    I found this very good on the hill easy to build .

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    I use one of these, can be pulled from foot or quad.

    Really neat and especially useful for dragging fallow out of thick muddy cover.

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    flytyer have a look om bds website i think they have them
    tom reveley

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    The sledge on the BDS site cost 90.
    Go to a garden centre and get one of their large trays and cut a few holes for straps.

    Doghound: where can you get that in the UK?
    Is the base thick polythene?

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    Try Roger Saunders as well

    Although you wont regret buying a dead sled from ebay to be honest, rigid sleds turn over on rough ground and wont go over logs etc without getting caught. The dead sled flies across anything keeping the carcas completely clean. If you are on the hill and you take the dead sled with you, you can strap them on and drag best part home without having to go get the quad.

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    Looks the best option to me.

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    I have used the odd tarpaulin drag bag but but to be honest not really satidfactory bit like wraping your dog in a towel, they are too flexible.

    The dead sled is very stiff thick plastic, and surprisingly light less I would wager than the equivalent tarp. You can certainly carry it without noticing you have it.

    If you buy from

    I work out it will cost about 30 I reckon with shipping, why pay more?

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