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Thread: How am I supposed to find a buck in this???

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    How am I supposed to find a buck in this???

    I took this photo last night and was intending to go out this morning. I live at sea level only 1/2 a mile from the sea so when the forcast says there "may be a little hill snow" I'll know what they mean!!!!
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    That is bonkers mate it's proper warm down here today!!! Is that normal up there to have so much snow in May?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by liddlesdale View Post
    our weather becoming a joke !!!
    It's even funny if you don't live in the snowy north
    But can't be much fun for those that do, especially at this time of year.


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    Just walk around untill you see the Red flashing nose, then shoot whatever is behind it?

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    The SW is nice at the minute , edge of Bodmin moor...

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    Weather hasn't been bad in glasgow, and you don't normally get to say that!

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    Phew...tis a scorcher in East Angular...mind, my darling Ma was born on the 9th of May near Winchburgh, west of Ed'bro (not exactly the Heelands)....and the midwife had to cycle through a blizzard :-O

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    Not exactly normal but not unheard of either, I remember in the late 1980s the snow gates at Drumochter being shut on the 1st of June.

    There was snow forecast for here today but it never came rained all day, would expect to get odd flurry that will whiten the hills yet, but it should disappear quick this late in the year.

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    iam down here in essex with shorts on and air con on in truck thats mad

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