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Thread: Venison Night Owls Barn Farm Sopley

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    Venison Night Owls Barn Farm Sopley

    Just bumped into Sp4rkman at lwcdarts at five this morning and were meeting up tonight at the BDS venison evening at Sopley..

    Anybody else going ??


    Just had a bloody tick bite me on the leg as im writing this

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    Venison Evening


    Yes I will be also attending now with a ride down on the Sunnyfields Organic Battle Farm Bus, I will also have in attendance my verminous offspring as I am sitting this evening whilst my estranged wife is out on the pull!

    See you at the party Rictor!


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    This is one evening that ought to be put in your diary for next year..

    Great family evening with an air gun competition shooting at cut outs of deer and scoring for heart lung which all the kids loved..

    Use the binos to spot and identify the diferent antlers laid out and hidden/obscured in a large field

    And finally estimate the various distances of cut out deer in a field..

    There was venison tasting with five of the species available CWD was missing but regardless this event just proved that nobody could tell one from the other with noone getting all five correct, the nearest was three out of the five correct..

    There was a red haunch on the barbi and a demo on cooking venison

    Fab night and met a lot of new stalkers in my area

    Well done to the BDS for putting on such a great evening and Owls Barn Farm Sopley for hosting it


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