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Thread: Steel Roe silhouette

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    Steel Roe silhouette

    As above bought from Scots Stalker about 18months ago for target practice for the DSC1.
    Retails from Bushwear for 69.99 looking for 40 if collected or + postage.

    Cheers for looking


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    lol id have it back if your passing !!

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    I can be up in 20min if you want


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    ahhh i am in work in airdrie town center mate

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    No problem I'm only 11miles down the road so if you do want it let me know.

    How's things on the building front are things off and running yet?


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    yeah i will have it mate , just next time you are passing ,, things are moving slowly , its in planning just now and the neighbors have all received notification letters , just awaiting the go ahead to start now

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    i could nip over tomorrow ?

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