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Thread: 55gr V-max with Viht

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    55gr V-max with Viht

    Last week I developed my first ever hand loads, both in .223. One for 69gr SMKs and one for 55gr V-max. As I was just starting out, I wanted a powder that would suit both bullets to keep things simple and keep costs down. I have a Lee manual which listed Varget as being suitable for both so thats what I went with and the results were very pleasing.

    I'm now hearing that Varget is in extremely short supply so I'm looking for an alternative. My local RFD always has lots of Viht, which my Lee manual lists as suitable for the 69gr but doesn't list any Viht powders as being suitable for 55gr frangible. The thing I found odd is that it lists 3 different Viht powders in the 55gr jacketed section. Like I say, I'm only a novice but I don't understand why it makes such a massive difference whether it's frangible or not if they are both the same weight.

    Does anyone use Viht with 55gr =V-max without any issues?


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    I only use VV powders
    because I am tight!

    70 odd for a kilo (VV) or 80 odd for 900g (Hodgsons)?

    I use N133 in .222 for 50, 55 and 60gr bullets
    makes no odds whether they are ballistic tipped or softpoints

    N133 is perfect for .223 and will cover anything from 40gr to 70gr
    you could try N140 for a slightly slower powder that would let you go heavier but you will just succeed in burning more powder for the same result

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    i use 26grn Varget with 60grn V max in ,223, works well.


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    i use 24.2 grains of N130 in my 223 mannlicher with 50 grain v-max, i find they group better than the 55 grain, i have a mate who uses reloader 7 and says they are virtually the same powder in means of burn rate and velocity has anyone else tried reloader 7 and got any good results

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    22.3gn viht n133, 55gn vmax. Foxes hate them

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    26.5gr of TR140 (55/Kg) or 26gr of N140 (65/Kg) with 55gr Sierra = very nice load

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    sorry mty varget on 223

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    I use Viht powders in my 222 (N130) and 223 (N120)

    in 223 for 55 grain Hornady SPWC product #2266 (about the cheapest expanding bullet you can buy) I use 20.5 grains of N120. Yes it is a fast powder but it gives amazing results in my rifle and because I use less than I would with N133 (probably the more popular 223 powder) I get a few more bangs out of a tub.

    The online Viht N120 data gives 3 max charges for 55 grain bullets, although my load is above the stated max for a Lapua SP it is under the max for the other 2 55 grain bullets. I worked up to this load from 19 grains checking for signs of pressure and it is fine in my rifle.

    1k N133 = 692 at 22.3 (DaveK load)
    1k N120 = 752 at 20.5

    I got really good results with reloader 7 in my 222 but I find it harder to get hold of Alliant powders than I do Viht. Also Reloader 7 worked out more expensive and I'm all for saving money to buy new toys with.

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    I use 25.5 grains N133 ,Hornady cases ,and 55g Vmax and its spot on.

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