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    FAC Technicalities

    I filled out an application for my Firearms Certificate with a .308 in mind.

    Then obtained a recommendation off of a professional stalker, a piece of paper saying i have been trained in rifle saftey from rimfire up to .308 cal (in sporting situations) and a letter of permission stating the land that me and my syndicate are allowed to shoot on for the purpose of deerstalking.

    However, after talking to my FLO he is 'seriously doubtful' that i'll be granted any deer legal calibre. This is because i only hold five reciepts for stalking outings and have only shot two deer in total. In his view this does not show enough commitment. So we decided i would put a .17 HMR on to shoot rabbits until i rack up some more outings. He also suggested i complete my DSC level one, which is fair enough but im finding it hard to take the time out of school at the moment and i would rather be comfortable with a rifle of my own to take the shooting test.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had been through the same kind of delayed proceedure, and any views on the subject?

    Also, for my previous application i requested permission to purchase a case of 500 aummunitions and store 600. This was because i was planning to use sako .308 Super Hammerhead bullets which come in cases of 500. I am now planning on using Federal .17 HMR Hornady V-Max which i believe only come in boxes of 50, please correct me if i am wrong. So, bearing in mind a will be out lamping once or twice a week, what would be a sensible amount of ammunition to request to purchase/store?


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    I had no problems getting my FAC for a .308 for deer; I only had to provide evidence of one previous, and one future, booked stalk with a ranger, and a letter of recommendation from him. I don't have land to shoot on yet and got the FAC entirely based on bought days. I do, however, already have the DSC1, which certainly seemed to have helped.

    I also have a .17hmr on my ticket (for which I do have ground to shoot on).

    I got authority to buy 100, store 120 rounds of .308, and buy 500 store 600 of .17hmr. I've been told that if I switch to homeloading for the .308 (which I hope to do later, once I've got settled with the rifle and have learned some more about home loading) it will be no problem to increase the numbers of ammunition for the .308.

    (For my target .22rf I have buy 1000, store 1100, so that I can buy in batches for best competition results)


    (This is Avon & Somerset district)

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    First thing to do is to politely ask the FEO if he will put his comments in writing as you require this in order to take further advice, also ask him to state whether this is his personal opinion or a direct decision from his Head of Department (ask for a name) or Chief Constable. If possible, try to comunicate by email rather than telephone, people tend to give a lot more thought to what they type. Don't feel afraid that you are rocking the boat, what you are asking is in no way unreasonable. As you state that you are a member of a syndicate that holds stalking rights and, I assume, you are not mentally unstable / live in a cardboard box / have previous convictions / married to the mob etc, then there should be no reason not to grant your request. Buy 500, hold 600 per calibre is a perfectly reasonable quantity for centrefire ammunition. I have no experience of the .17 HMR so can't comment. JC

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    which is fair enough but im finding it hard to take the time out of school at the moment

    could this be part of the problem? your age?

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    Thanks for the information guys. I forgot to mention this is in Cheshire.

    Its just his opinion because he was clear it is not him that makes the final decision he was just advising me. I think i will ask my FEO for the name and email address of the person whos decision it is i.e. the Head of Department or Cheif Constable.

    I am 17 so my age may be a factor but i would hope not as i can purchase firearms and ammunition. I've held a Shotgun Certificate since i was fourteen and the only real change from most people applying would be that my name is not on the house insurance.

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    GOOD LUCK BUDDY, Steve in cheshire!

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    Now that you've told us your age I can see the FEO's reservations. Don't get me wrong, it should not make a difference but it will all depend on how you came across in terms of maturity during your intial meeting. Stick to your guns (excuse the pun) and, if you have the need and tick the boxes then you should get what you want but keep in mind that alot of old fogeys like me don't always see young people the the best light. In terms of doing the DSC1 course, whilst I understand that it is difficult to find the time and money, I would say that you will learn a lot especially as you are used to learning if that makes sense. I hate the fact that the Police are, in some areas, forcing people to do this (and the subject has been covered many times on here) but, in your circumstances, it might be a good idea to try and do it. Whatever you do, don't be disheartened, deer and stalking are great things to be involved in and by doing things right from an early age i'm sure you will get alot out of it. Best wishes, JC.

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    If you age was an issue they would just refuse the application.

    As soon as they know you have BASC or similar behind you, I am sure the issues will disappear.

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    Another casualty of this nonsense of DSC 1. And yet there are some here who laud it as if it were "the key" to all proof of all knowledge of stalking.

    You live in England. What exactly is then the relevance of knowing the deer seasons for Scotland?

    I fish in England. What is the relevance of my knowing the fishing regulations for Scotland?

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    Strange how so many people can be ridden roughshod over in a democratic system, by people who largely have little or no knowledge of the sporting firearms and users they are supposed to service, instead of trying to become lawmakers themselves......really cannot be right for one county to have a different interpretation of the law in England & Wales than any other, mostly the problems start with newbies taking for granted what they are told by the first person they speak to from the local force, then you have the clerk types on the phone who believe they are the fount of all knowledge, only relieved by the odd F.E.O who really knows his job

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