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Thread: weaver/pictanny mount for R93 Blaser

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    weaver/pictanny mount for R93 Blaser

    As heading suggests I need a mount for my NV scope to fit my R93 Blaser. Thanks in advance.

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    I've bought a couple of these over the last couple of years......

    Picatinny Adaptor Base for Blaser R93, R8, LRS 2, K95 and S2 | eBay

    ​Well made, tough steel and took about 10 days to arrive, although I think they may now be sent front the EU. Have spoken to the guy, Bojan, a couple of times too - very helpful.

    The height of the rail comes up at around the same height as a standard Saddlemount base.

    He's got a couple of other options on fleabay too but these are a bit higher.


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    Thanks Fizz, item looks good and a lot cheaper tha Blaser product. I will investigate.

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