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Thread: Give us a hand ......... Please

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    Give us a hand ......... Please

    Ok folks I've got two slots on my ticket to fill, .243 and .308!

    My quarry is fox, roe, munty and reds. I will also be dipping into a bit of range shooting.

    Now my question is.... (and forgive me as I'm sure this has been asked before) with a 2000 ish budget what would you do?

    .243 or .308 first? I feel I should go for brokeish on one and second hand the other.
    New or second hand? (I'm a bit worried about buying a lemon second hand)
    Stainless or blued? Fluted? (Won't be doing a lot of distance in my stalking so not sure re weight also if I get into range work should I go heavy?)

    I've been trawling the web and quite like the look of the Tikka T3 Hunter. I like the security of wood. Had a little play with a Howa (plastic stock) and could have blown the stock on the barrel! I also like the thought of a CZ as I have a .17hmr and can split pencils all day long with it.

    Any positive thoughts?

    Currently I'm thinking of a T3 Hunter stainless not sure re fluted?


    Ps hope your enjoying your evening? What are you drinking? Just gone on to G&Ts!! Mmmm

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    Unless your range work is serious stuff why not go for broke and buy one really good rifle and scope in an in-between calibre, say .260, 6.5x55 or 7mm-08? These three will do everything you want.

    Not a very positive answer to your question I'm afraid. But stainless or blued, well get what you like the look of the best! I've got both and can't really see any great advantage of one over the other. Stainless might wear a little better but you still have to look after it.

    Fluted, is it a sales gimmick borrowed from target rifles or do they really cool down quicker? I don't know never had one but maybe someone else could advise.


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    Is the 308 down for fox? If so I would go with the 308 good for range work and More than enough foranything you will hunt in the UK.

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    I have already given you my view in the pub on Tuesday!

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    Rem 700 .243 check my pics it will put bullet on bullet...

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    Never seen you before Druid!

    ​pint tomorrow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    Is the 308 down for fox? If so I would go with the 308 good for range work and More than enough foranything you will hunt in the UK.
    It is down with fox and yes this is my current thought.

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    With a 2k budget, assuming you will need to buy a scope as well, you'd be best advised to just get one rifle now. You can go for top quality - especially if you buy second hand.
    A 308 will do it all for you in one rifle, especially if you're going after reds. It will shoot 125 grain bullets at varmint speeds for the foxes & you can go up to 200 grains if you want to knock your teeth out.
    Tikka (old models M55 or M595 are better built than new ones) Sako - almost any model is good. CZ are good sound rifles and Savage are also worth a look at - not pretty but good shooters out of the box. Mannlicher make good rifles with wooden stocks although their plastic jobbies don't appeal to me at all.
    There are plenty of good second hand rifles around - you just need to get about & look at lots to find the one for you.
    You won't miss not having a fluted barrel. The real world difference is negligable, (other than cosmetics).
    Stainless or Blued barrel - your choice - both need to be looked after.
    As for stock material - wood is heavier than plastic & laminate is heavier still in my experience. - My 308 Sako 85 with standard plastic stock is much lighter and handier than my 243 Tikka M595 which has a wooden stock.
    Enjoy your search!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lampwick View Post
    Never seen you before Druid!

    ​pint tomorrow?
    I would think so

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