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Thread: Wanted a-tec maxim 30cal

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    Wanted a-tec maxim 30cal

    Hi I am looking for a new mod for my 308, this is the one I want can anyone help locate one for me,or tell me how it performs. The rifle is not threaded yet so no problems there. Thanks

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    I use a T4 on my .243 and my pal has an A-Tech Maxim on his .243. The T4 is quieter to our ears but the A-Tech is lighter and perfectly comfortable in reducing the bang.
    I use a T8 on my 30-06 and my pal has an A-Tech Maxim on his .270, both have 20 inch barrels and I have only heard one shot from his .270 at close quarters. The bang was safe and acceptable with the Maxim and I thought similar to the 30-06 with the T8. They both make quite a crack but not one that hurts the ears.

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    I use one on my .308, I'm really pleased with it. As mentioned, there are slightly quieter ones around but I have no problems using it when stalking. I have the overbarrel model which only adds 3 1/2 inches to the overall length of the rifle. I have heard that you are not supposed to strip it for cleaning but mine gets taken apart every time the rifle is fired. I got it from Swillington Shooting Supplies in Leeds and I think I paid around 200 for it. Incidentally, you can get up to two more modules for it from them for 25 each.

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    Hi all got one from Swillington, light and just 210. Cant wait to try a gun club.

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