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Thread: most mallard eggs in a nest

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    most mallard eggs in a nest

    Was just wondering wot the most mallard eggs u've seen in a nest is.

    Disturbed a mallard tonite so had a very quick look at the nest, was jam packed with eggs, just counted 17 off the photo. had a quick look on net and most sites say 8-12 eggs

    I usually go out off my way not to distrurb nests but have never seen a nest with anything like that ammount off eggs in before.

    Is there any easy way to proect the nest, ackdaws/crows will be the biggest problem, bit of rylock over it, but at same time don't want to disturb her too much.
    The ironic thing is she is nesting right beside 1 of the 'hen houses' we put up for them to nest in, just a wee bit late getting them out. Hope she and clutch survive

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    I'm afraid wild ducks have a bit of a struggle surviving. They seem to do a reasonable job of bringing off the clutch but the main losses occur when the ducklings are a day or so old. The crows etc: get cracking and pick them off for a pastime. Thats why they have such big clutches. I had a lot on the shoot and day by day the numbers would drop till there was only one or two left. It's a shame but thats nature for you!

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    Aye it is a shame when u see thr brood dwindling day by day.

    My next question does any of u make/put out a duckling creep feeder, been thinking about it for a year or 2 but never got round to it, was going to fill a manila type feeder with higher protien crumbs to give the ducklings the best start esp if this colld weather continues, not be much insect life about yet. Wot do u use to fence out the adult ducks, ideally something nice and simple and cheap.

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    14 swimming with mum is this years best for me!

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    A long time ago I came to the conclusion ducks and swans were stupid.
    The ducks nest in many places around my lakes, many of them are small islands that are fox proof, the swans only use the island on the biggest lake.
    All is well until the chicks leave the bank side cover, most never make it from the little islands to open water before the gulls have them.
    The cygnets fair well untill mum and dad decide the smaller lake across the field is a better location, the cygnets never last more than 2 days over there
    before the foxes clear them all up, 15 years now and not one Cygnet has lasted long enough to fly.


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    Saw a Mallard middle of the week with a clutch of fourteen newly hatched youngsters , she has only two left.

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