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Thread: Swarovski servicing

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    Swarovski servicing

    Does anyone have any experience of getting a pair of Swarovski bins serviced or repaired? My SLCs are due for a tidy up I think - there's a bit of marking on the lenses too, not scratches but just a certain blotchiness which looks like it should wipe off, but doesn't!

    Any experiences to share or ideas on costs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just take them to your nearest dealer. I did this last year, but they were deemed "worn" and was given a brand new pair, when they say it's a lifetime guarentee, they really mean it! All it cost was 10 to cover postage.

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    My mate has a pair away for service at the moment. I will report when he gets the m back.

    PS they are for Sale

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    In aftersales service Swarovski have the reputation of being the BEST here on the continent .
    When you go to buy a top class optic , ANY gunsmith will recommend Swarovski over the other top brands and this only to their top class after sales service and offcourse quality .

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    I got intouch with Debbie from Swarovski UK told her what the problem was (Via email) she told me to send them to her, she will forward to the Continent and get them returned to me, all free of charge, well, recorded mail charges, that's all. They are away now, she said it will take 6 ish weeks....

    Can't fault the service so far.


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    My mate got his binos back today and he is absolutely delighted. Eye cups replaced, focus wheel replaced & various other parts fitted and a brand new strap ( he didn;t even know there was anything wrong with the old one )

    He thinks theyve polished/cleaned the lenses as they seem to be even clearer than before. I think they were only away for 2 or 3 weeks, and it was all done under the warranty 8)

    Let me know if you want me to get the contact details for you.

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