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Thread: Blood Money

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    Blood Money

    I was at my mates last night having a bit of a feed and a few bottles of wine, when my mates old man said you being a shooter what do you reckon to this.
    One of his friends sadly lost his son to cancer last year, the guys great passion was to go beating and having done this for many years was well known at many of the well heeled shoots.
    So he did a sponsored beat around these estates and was very well received by everyone, outstanding generosity from the fellow beaters to the shots raised over thirty thousand pounds for Cnacer Research, the cheque was drawn up and sent off with a note explaining how he had raised it.
    Cancer research wrote back, thinking it was to thank him for the cheque he opened the letter only to find it was the cheque being returned with a curt letter stating that Cancer Research did not wish to accept his "blood money" !!!!

    At first I thought it was a sick joke and waited for a punchline to be assured this was actually what had happened I felt sick inside really put a nasty taste to a great evening.
    I don't know what has happened to the monies collected but I would sure as hell make sure it never went to these people, has anyone else heard about this?
    I know not everyone agrees with shooting but it is about saving lives through medical research, a branch of medicine with its own furry skeletons in the lab cupboards, so who the f*ck are they to judge in this way a man who has raised an incredible sum to remember his son by.

    Sorry for going on a bit guys but just still gobsmacked by the sheer lunacy these charity exhibit

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    Barry and Spider did the same thing
    and they were turned down by cancer research
    we did exactly the same thing on our shoot and raised a few bob , also turned down by cancer reasearch
    so went to riding for the disabled as their president was a keen shot and hunting lady
    they were more than willing to accept
    good for them and Lady G
    they deserve it

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    does'nt seem real , i bet the press would love to hear that one. its wrong that someone's views high up in an organisation are being reflected in the wrong way .

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    Thats fecking outrageous , just recently lost my father to cancer and my mother was going to leave something to cancer reserch but l think after reading this she would rather leave it to a bloody cats home, you would of thought they would need every penny to fight this awfull disease.

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    I have an acquaintance who once worked in fund raising for Cancer Research UK. Its a while ago but I recall they had a long list of pursuits that they wouldn't condone, it included parachute jumps and bungee jumping.

    Makes no sense to me.

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    i give those ****ers 10 every month!

    I also used to give Bernardos 10 every month until i saw their recent advertisement which is very anti-firearms. That advert still gets me very angry It's irresponsible and completelty unnaceptable:

    Oh well, it now looks like i'll be finding another charity for my money.

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    That's bloody outgrageous! Surely this sort of issue should be front page news in all the field sports mags and remain there until Cancer Research are shamed into making the most profound apology possible. I have given them thousands over the years in memory of my father. Having heard this I honestly feel like writing to them and asking for my donations to be returned.

    Can admin make a sticky out of this as a reminder of CR's appalling indifference to the wishes of the bereaved?

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    Guys I am still reeling from this been sucking through my teeth all weekend, I was going to have a chat with my sister as her best mate is an Editor of a decentish national paper and we also have a few other contacts between us.
    However this guys lad died maybe he doesn't want further upset, however we are going clay shooting with him and some mates in a few weeks and I will test the waters.
    Just gauls me so much he has done this after losing a son, we can understand maybe the parachute type stunts being avoided to discourage personal harm but for the life of me someone in the pursuit of a perfectly legal and widely accepted sport, even more so now with the River Cottage type programmes this is unacceptable behaviour to say it's blood money.

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    I had a vague memory of hearing something similar a while back so I Googled around a bit and found this -

    In this instance it would appear that it was the Institute of Cancer Research who refused the donation, not Cancer Research UK.

    Legaleagle - please can you confirm which of these two organisations rebuffed your friend's generous gesture.

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    Well I agree with you guys, we put huge amounts of cash into the economy, and donate to charities, and some spend 50,000 prosecuting a police officer for doing his best in difficult circumstances, portray shooters as child hunters and now refuse our donations of hard earned money, you have to ask is it worth bothering.

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