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Thread: this chap puts my stalking eforts to shame !

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    this chap puts my stalking eforts to shame !

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    He is quite mad isn't he.just hope it don't end in tears .

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    how long befor we see another "steve irwin" Vs Stingray type rematch similar outcome my moneys on the ray in the blue corner

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    Yet another ***** pulling and hauling at animals. Relying solely on the fact that the animals will only fight or strike out of fear.
    ​The sooner he's killed off, the better.

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    that's a bit harsh....

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    Increadable but you just know it's going to end in tears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    that's a bit harsh....
    You think? I guarantee the idiot will spout on about how wonderful the animals are and how he only has their best interests at heart. Is that whilst he's stressing them out, dragging them from their lairs and deliberately provoking them. Just once I'd like an animal to act out of character, not seek to escape and rip his throat out.
    ​just how is he respecting these animals?

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    Mixed feelings about this. On one hand, he comes across as a bit of a plonker and didn't seem instantly likeable like Irwin was.
    However, the bit where he hid under a dead kangaroo to catch an eagle was amazing!
    Look, let's not get too het up here, animals are designed to be hunted, he's not 'over-stressing' them- after all they get to go free afterwards- if anything, they probably experience some kind of elation.

    It did just all feel a little bit pointless though and very egocentric.

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