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Thread: Best RF Binos

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    Hi im looking to buy some new range finder binos just wondering on what people thought were the best about ???

    cheers Greg

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    I am extremely pleased with my Zeiss Victory T* RF 8x56 field glasses that I bought a couple of months ago. Once you've set up the diopters on the light paths for your eyes they are amazingly clear, sharp and bright. Can peer into gloomy woods and cover giving unprecedented visual access. Build quality is military but light due to magnesium chassis. I love the ergonomics but that is an individual thing. The RF is very useful in my book, and I use it to practice making accurate estimations in the field rather than just getting lazy (like with sat navs Vs maps if you see what I mean).

    I have not compared them to the Leica or Swaro competition though, so cannot say if they are the "best".

    I do suspect however that in a few months the new Victory HT line will have a RF range added to it, rendering the Victory T* "obsolete". You may wish to wait and see, or pick up the old model at a discount when that happens.
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    Hi Greg

    Unless we've used RFs from the 3 main manufacturers, I don't think any of us can position one over the others...

    I've got the Swaro EL-R 10x42, and have been out just the once with them on Tuesday. They are a direct replacement for my Swaro EL 10x42 which were 14 years old, so the optics were clearer anyway being SW as opposed to WB (no, me neither!), but the ranging bit was just superb.

    I ranged 2 bucks at 198 and 201 yds, and dropped them both into their shadows. Was that down to the RFs? Unlikely, but I also have a Swaro scope, so I know that the sight picture will be the same through both - worth considering matching your optics.

    The best bet would be phone around and see if any shops have been flush enough to invest in RFs from Swaro, Zeiss & Leica, then go have a look. It's a very personal and very, very expensive choice, so good luck!

    I was lucky enough to get these as a secondhand absolute bargain on eBay, so worth keeping an eye on there when you've made a decision

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    I really rate the leicas, after using gentleman jims.

    nearly bought some off here but stone beat me to them LOL.

    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I have used Zeiss, Swarovski and Leica, Leica felt best in my hands so I bouhght them. All have great glass.

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    i use leupold 8x30 nice clear glass cost 550new but mate has zise monocular raingfinder and it can out perform the leupold on distance and pings targets first time if i had his raingfinder in my binoculars id be happy happy happy

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    I have the Swarovski EL Range 10x42 and find the very good. I made my purchase because I feel they have the best after sales service. I have a 7x42 slc they are around ten year old sent them back to the makers for a service, they changed a lense and a brand new rubber cover new lense caps free of charge now like new.
    ps i am like Ian have the swarofski scopes no problem at all

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    I also use leica's and can't see past them great glass, thats not to say Swaro & Zeiss are'nt on the same level quite
    the opposite they are all high quality glass. Best to get out there and see which one's suit you best.

    Atb, Buck.

    PS. I might add of the three swaro have defo got the best after sales service.
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    If you go to the CLA at Ragley this July ( if you can hang on ) you will get to play with them all and may be able to do a deal on the one you want.
    I have the Zeiss 8x45 rangers and they are great for my eyes but I've not tried the Leica's

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    Probably best for you to go and try various models out in a shop - as you can see everyone has their own personal preference - generally being the ones that they own.
    I've tried the Zeiss - very good, and I currently own the Leica, which i find fabulous.
    The zeiss may just have the edge on the last ten minutes of light but i prefer the look and feel of the Leica and I like to have something a little different from the masses.

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