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Thread: Carl Gustaff .243 Valuation

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    Carl Gustaff .243 Valuation

    Just wondering chaps what do you think the valuation of my Carl gustaff .243 would be? It's just the rifle not the moderator or swarovski scope. Screw cut to 1/2UNF fired less than 500 rounds....

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    nice well made rifles there are two on GunTrader

    Licence: FirearmOrigin: Other
    Serial #: 703064
    Price: £795 (S/H)

    Licence: Firearm, Barrel: 20", Stock: 14", Weight: 8lb.6oz.
    Origin: Other
    Trigger: 1, Serial #: 800166
    Fantastic Swedish Rifle High grade walnut stock which was fully refurbished recently Screwed & Proofed 1/2x20UNF Box Magazine Jewled Bolt 30mm medium rings included Open sights also included
    Price: £1,000 (S/H)

    but you must remember this is trade so thay may give you £500 or less as you are only selling rifle feller

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    Thanyou for the information Paul, just looking into something a wee tad lighter. Broke the collar bone few years ago and it plays havoc after a day stalking, just wanted an opinion but that sounds possitive to me!

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    styer scout or prohunter a light rifle and light on recoil or t3 take a run to your cloes't gun shop or range and try some light rifles if you cab you may get a px
    atb good luck

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    Don't forget the Montana 84m rifle it's light.

    However I suggest you try to shoot a couple of proper light weight rifles, some that claim to be light are not really as it's a marketing ploy, and make sure you like the feel and felt recoil as it's generally sharper. You collar bone might not appreciate the sharper recoil either.

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    My stalking Buddy is currently using the Tika T3 Lite and i must say i'm pretty keen if my bank account was more so Had a few shot's on the range with it when he bought it new pre last fallow season 2012 and with a trigger adjustment would quite well suit.

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