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    Hi Guys

    Would anyone be interested in forming a stalking syndicate in south/west Wales. I thought maybe 8/10 guys sticking in a grand or so. Find a site (yes I know....that's the biggest problem !), add some additional stock to build up the herd to sustainable numbers and go from there.

    Anyone out there tried it and willing to exchange info ?


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    The current thinking on deer management is for the reduction in deer numbers not to expand them.

    add some additional stock to build up the herd to sustainable numbers
    Where are you going to get your stock from? You may have to be careful on the legal front here!

    Why not rent an area that already has too many deer and try to reduce numbers to a sustainable (detest this word) level

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    I may be interested Rockin, finding a "k" might be an issue at the mo but not insurmountable.


    The issue in south west wales is that there are very few deer anywhere, I don't see how anyone could object to helping some native deer species re-establish. Some of mid-wales is pretty much identical to lots of scotland so get some Reds in, plenty of room for Roe on arable land too. The sheep population is far lower than in the past so that should make life easier for Roe too.

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    Good thinking rockingod,

    I personally think that your idea is great. Many areas in wales are low on deer so ground rent would be small for sure. Introducing species providing you go red, fallow, roe is straight forward but would the area hold them

    It would be cool to improve a low value area and if done right could be a really nice long term sporting investment but you would need a long term lease with security and a syndicate you can trust. Ideally a land owner who is interested in you long term objectives.

    I had a farmer now friend I shoot charlies for who has 600 acres of dairy that was hedge only and a few old hardwood trees splashed about. He's a shooter and wanted to improve the sporting on his farm. I put forward ideas for setting aside areas 10 years ago for ground with hardwoods and he went for it in a big way. He now has about 30 acres of young mixed hardwoods which is made up of 6 plots that always has roe. We also have a small pheasant syndicate which is more of a social thing put it's cool.

    I really hope you go for it and get the right people on board.

    ps, he does get a bit tetchy about the roe in the plantations now though

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    stalking syndicate

    a local farmer close to me tried this about 20 yrs ago every poacher in southwales were at them they didnt last very sorry to put a dampener on things

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    thats easy overcome shoot the dogs and prosecute the poachers they soon stop coming .


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    welsh syndicate

    That is however the ultimate sanction, I used this twenty years ago when Longdoggers were walking up partridge on land I no longer have, I was lucky enough to have livestock protection/worrying to back me up 8)

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    I'm certainly up for it in principle although where we start is quite another thing. Most of the Beacons get hammered by poachers from the Valleys and, from what I hear, the North suffers in a similar manner with low life coming in with dogs and nets from 'elsewhere'. Anywhere down West would be an ideal starting point, so long as we could avoid the whining of the foreign tree huggers and hobbits.

    Rocky bach, somebody would think you had something to celebrate with this sudden burst of enthusiasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy
    Where are you going to get your stock from? You may have to be careful on the legal front here!
    A valid point although I don't think Rocky was alluding to population enhancement according to the Ifor Williams process.

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    I have a man that will supply you reds at 100 -110 each that's live. They are all pure reds so should have no issue putting them in a large enclosure. After that just make the enclosure larger then release make sure you have a cull plan in place and your off and running.

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