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Thread: Great morn at Brock & Norris

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    Great morn at Brock & Norris

    First thing to say is VERY IMPRESSED with Mikes work at Brock & Norris gun smiths.

    Took my M77 in this morning for a full service and to be screw cut. Mike did an excellent job and he was happy for me to get in the way and watch the process from start to finish. Had a very informative couple of hours and the guys were on hand with a wealth of knowledge and information and happy to answer any questions i had on a variety of subjects.

    Now i would love to take you through the process but to be honest Mike did talk me through what he was doing but his work was so quick and precise i couldnt take it all in so i will just post the pics.

    screw cutting and crowning

    Attachment 27912Attachment 27913Attachment 27914Attachment 27915Attachment 27916

    making the thread protector

    Attachment 27917Attachment 27918Attachment 27919Attachment 27920Attachment 27921

    A big thumbs up and thanx guys for doing an A1 job

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    this is why you should only have work done by a reputable professional, this was screw cut by a chap that obviously didnt have the first clue about what he was doing. Needles to say it was a wright off.

    Attachment 27922Attachment 27923

    this is how it should look

    Attachment 27924Attachment 27925Attachment 27926Attachment 27927

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    Having watched Mike in person doing two of mine I know how good his work is
    Got any bigger pics ?


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    Looks a nice job. Did you see a nice little Steyr Luxus kicking about!?!

    looking forward to picking mine up next week.

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    Mike did mine for me it was a pleasure to watch him work

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    didnt see it mate lol, what was the stock on it

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    it wont upload pics for some reason. i will try later off other comp

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    Here's mine. Collected it from Mike yesterday afternoon.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg  

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    looks good mate

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