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Thread: Rifle blow ups

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    Rifle blow ups

    Interesting, though far from science. The videos are quite big and seem to need to be downloaded before they will play rather than streaming as might be expected. However, it is well worth scrolling down through the thread to see the high res photos as they seem much more interesting than the video at the top. All the info you need is in the thread so give it a read:
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    Thanks - interesting read.

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    Well that blows some old theories out of the water that rear locking Enfield actions are weaker than Mauser 98 actions. Also just how stupid you need to be to get any bolt action rifle to fail when reloading.

    Love the quote about Blasers

    Don’t let Brit see the PH blowing up.



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    so my 44gr of vit 140 in any 308 case I fancy with 150gr bullet shouldn't be a problem then

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    Picture below of a local .243 blown up by a Hornady factory cartridge.
    It was intimated that this rifle had a serial number which coincided with a batch of dodgy Chinese steel.
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    Hmmm having machined some so called "Quality" Chinese Stainless I cannot say I a surprised as that stuff was rubbish. When challenged over the poor quality the buyer just kept saying :-

    but it's half the price

    So he got nicknamed "halfprice" as we pointed out to him it could be free but it would still not make it any damned good. His half price buying cost the firm about 4x the cost on the job. We managed but making many more operations to utilise one lot but the tubing was scrap. It was not even round and so far out of round grinding could not clean it up so it didn't seal in the housing hence was scrap.

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