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Thread: Scopes with integral rail and CZ

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    Scopes with integral rail and CZ

    I have been offered a scope with a rail. I would like to mount a Swarovski with rail to CZ 527 is this possible? and who makes the mounts if anyone?

    All help and advise appreciated


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    APEL/EAW but they are going to cost a great deal of money although if the scope comes at the right price you may consider it worth it.


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    Try Reckengle mounts

    In Europe this is quite normal tis only here in the UK that rail mounts seem to be a problem. For instance Kettner shops carry a wide range of mounts for rail scopes and they also carry a wide range of rail mount scopes.. Perhaps a trip across the channel to one of their shops is in order.
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    The spelling would be Recknagel.

    There seems to be a Croatian company called Rusan that may have some compatible products like:

    Rusan Roll-off rings with extension, 16.5 mm rail, Swarovski SR rail, Steel, Allen screw

    I don't have experience with either Rusan or Optics-trade.

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