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Thread: Jack Pyke Hunter Jkt

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    Jack Pyke Hunter Jkt

    Hi, does anyone have the Jack Pyke Hunter Jkt, in either thr green or English Oak?

    The specs seem really good for the price, I need a new jkt and cash is short (isn't it always! ) so this jacket would seem to be ideal IF it's any good.

    I accept it may well not be up to Deerhunter Ram standard let alone Harkila, but if it offers value for money at 60odd quid then I may take the plunge. I just wish I had done that at the Southwest Gamefair where someone was selling the Jkt AND Trs for only 60.

    Any opinions appreciated, thanks.

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    Have a look through classifieds, some good stuff from lots of members in there

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    I bought a JP jacket in camo for general rabbiting. Fantastic jacket for the money. I do a fair bit of mountaineering and off piste skiing and am used to paying 300 quid for a decent shell. Unless you are aiming to do a lot of winter stalking in the Caingorms the JP should do you fine for the money. If you are wealthy then it might be worthwhile paying for additional features and breathability.

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    I ordered one as it was advertised as SILENT, but it was not. It was really great quality, waterproof and all, except was NOT silent and no use for stalking for me...


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