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Thread: Dedicated Caliber for Reds.

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    Dedicated Caliber for Reds.

    Hiya...Please bear with me on this, it's probobly been done to death, BUT, I cant find anything to help me.

    Now...I'm looking in the next year or so to do my DSC2, and along with a couple of good friends, both highly experienced , ( much more than me) and qualified and seriously thinking of taking on a FC or other shooting lease on some land in Scotland.

    One of them has a .270, and swears by it, he's an ex pro stalker.... the other is happy with his .243.

    I already have a .243, and have shot a couple of cull red hinds with it..and will be holding on to it for roe and fox.....BUT, I want to get another caliber that will be solely for Reds....I've been thinking about a .308.......any thoughts??? I know a couple of guys who shoot with .308's, and love the caliber...but........

    Not worried right now about makes, just the caliber....BTW, I dont ( yet) reload, so ammo cost is one thing that would influence my decision....I would be buying ammo at Bushwear.

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    I can't see any reason why the .243 won't do the job perfectly adequately. However, if you must have an alternative, you could do much worse than 6.5x55mm. It's a nice shooting calibre and has a bit more knock down than the .243.

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    Hi Terry., Yep agreed, I'm happy with the .243, and it does a great stalking is pretty close in, no more than 200yds.... but, really want an even flatter round for of my mates in England suggested the 6.5x55...but I know nothing about it...

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    i have a 308 and i use it for all my deer work from muntjac to big fallow bucks

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    The .30 calibres is an excellent one and the .308 Winchester is a good versatile cartridge which has the advantage of readily available non expanding ammunition for range practice.

    The 270 Winchester is also an excellent cartridge and until it fell out of fashion was "the" cartridge associated with reds and hill stalking. Non expanding ammunition is not so easy to find in 270 win but it's not as bad as it used to be for this. An advantage of the 270 Win is of course in a lot of places it's still unfashionable, even though most gunshops stock ammunition for it , is that the rifles tend to be cheaper and most gunshops have several to choose from in stock hardly used in a lot of cases to big savings can be made .

    Both of the cartridges you mentioned are well up to the job and bot being larger give an excellent "reason" for acquiring a second rifle. Either will work just fine IHMO.

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    If I lived over there and hunted the Red's exclusively I'd either get me a nice custom Remington 700 rebarreled to 6.5-06 or a factory 700 BDL in 280 REM . Maybe even a BDL in 25-06 .

    Actually those three cartridges in a Ruger #1B would be okay as well .

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    The 25-06, 308 or a 6.5x47 would be my choice. I like the 25-06 and imo the perfect calibre for a 1 rifle house its fast, flat and hard hitting. Now the 308 again a very good calibre and a classic combination with the 243, with those 2 calibres you are covering anything you would wish to shoot in the UK and Plains game in Africa if you ever wish. Lastly the 6.5x47 Ive never used this calibre but it interests me very much. It seems to tick all the boxes!! My mate is getting a re-barrel done in it, but I think itll be better suited to home loading as factory ammo may be tricky to find.

    From my ramblings Norrie I would advise you to seriously look at a 308, easy to get ammo, as I said 243/ 308 is a good combination. And there is always plenty rifles about to choose from.


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    I have a .243 for roe and fallow down here and I have a .270 for reds. The reason I picked the .270 instead of another was because the trajectory was the same as my .243. This means I do not have to worry about altering my aim point out to 200meters. I use 105grain in the 243 and 140 in the 270. I'm all for keeping thing simple. Having said that the reds down here are big.

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    How about the 30-06? Although to be honest - a hell of a lot (if not one of the most common rifles knocking down reds is the 243....I always think its a strange statement when people say 243 is not enough gun for reds - they have obviously not taken note of how many are taken with 243's and historically how many were taken with even smaller calibers.

    when you consider the size of some animals that are taken with bows in other countries!

    243 is really the "do it all" round - I bought a 30-06 recently but in reality it was more to satisfy the legal aspect if I fancied knocking over a boar - nothing to do with the limits of the 243 - I still don't understand why some of the legal restrictions are in place in the UK as they are way off the mark.


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    I would look at 308, 270 or 30/06 as being sensible choices with the 7mm RM, 7x64, 280 etc being great but harder to feed choices. I would even consider a 300 as being a good option if you can manage the recoil.
    My philosophy is to shoot the most powerful thing that you can still apply with precision (the precision is the important bit!). Personally I find my 7mm RM to be very nice to shoot and dont really notice the recoil much at all but I know some feel that the 270 is some sort of fire breathing dragon (which it is not). Personally I would not choose a 243 or 6.5 for the task you describe other than possibly the 6.5/284 or 264 mag. I have a 6.5x47 and would certainly shoot red with it if thats what I had, but if I was heading out specifically for reds I would take the 7mm or 308

    ​There is no 6.5x47 expanding ammo at this time so it is definitely a homeload only prospect

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