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Thread: Pink salmon fly

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    Pink salmon fly

    To all you fishermen. I am looking for a pink fluffy fly. Could be an ally shrimp or some other shrimp pattern. I was up stalking at Dundonuld last year. And the stalker and I were after a fish. The fish didn't want anything we throw at them. The boy asked for a daffy fly to get them moving abit. Boom first cast on with a fish. Boom boom on with a 2nd fish. Boom boom boom. Caught a tree ha. Fun over. Lost my fly.
    All the fish were put back but got some good pic with this fly in there mouths.
    Just wondering if anyone new of anywhere or anyone that I took buy a few or get them to tie a couple. It's more of a joke than anything else. And it will save me climbing that bloody tree.

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    If you google 'pink salmon fly' and then select 'images' there are loads on there! I'm sure you will find the one you used if it was that good!

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    Shows a pic of the fly Alan and it may be easier to I.d. it for you.

    Pink is not an uncommon colour for some early season flies after the rip roaring success of the "pinkie" flying c's success on the Tay etc..but probably used way before then by some closet pink fans

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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it's a Pink salmon fly tied in the style of an ally's shrimp???



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    Show us a pic mate. I will show it to my mate who is a pro fly tier and might be able to help you out.

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    Cheers guys. Great help. Yeah it was like that ally but all pink and a lot more off it.
    Cheers again

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    A "Pink Allys"??

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    Sounds like it may have been an Ally's shrimp tied with artic fox fur or similar material the appear bulky when dry, but very mobile when swimming

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    Looks like a pink purdy to me.

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