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Thread: Mixed .243 Factory Ammo

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    Mixed .243 Factory Ammo

    Hi All

    I have the following collection of .243 Factory ammo left over from assessing which was best for my rifle so would be very handy for some one else doing this:

    Winchester 100 Gr Powerpoint x 17
    Remington 100 Gr Core Lokt x 16
    Norma 100 Gr x 2
    Fedral 100 Gr x 5

    Total of 40 rounds.


    Buyer collects.

    I'm located in Swindon 15mins north of junction 15 of the M4.

    PM if interested.



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    Bump ttt

    Must be someone out there with a new .243 looking to evaluate which round is best for there rifle?

    Note: I communte from Swindon to Bristol so can meet up along this part of the M4 corridor if this helps.



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    Hi Jason,

    Would you accept 25? I drive to work in Oxford from South Wales so like you I tank up the M4 to J15 and then A419 and then A420 to Oxford. We could hopefully arrange to meet up on route?



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