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Thread: Ticks & Ked levels

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    Ticks & Ked levels

    My take is that there has been a noticable increase this year in the number of ticks we've seen on the animals. One large buck I shot a couple of weeks ago had his hind quarters covered in the little beasts. Obviously usual warnings re. Lymes apply (anyone know of a spray product that could be used before butchering?), but I'm interested in why the increase might have happened.. working theories:

    1. It hasn't increased, I've just noticed it for some reason more.
    2. Weather (though why cold winter should have been beneficial I don't know - I think they are inactive during the winter)
    3. Increase in (deer) population density on the block - based on the 1st month alone, I'd guess that numbers are +25% on last year

    #3 is my favored theory.


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    You might want to add a forth option, lack of proper/traditional treatment of livestock.

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    I would agree that tick numbers are higher this season so far.

    I have had ticks on my dogs all winter and since the return to slightly better weather numbers have risen alarmingly. Despite Frontline spray used as per the instructions I am still taking up to a dozen a week off 4 dogs and they almost always have visible nymphs crawling on them after even a short walk.

    I believe the almost constantly damp conditions for the past three years has allowed better survival habitat over a far greater area. Nymph survival in the permanently moist trash layer will have been very good indeed.

    I have heard several reports of very high tick burden on deer.

    One of the biggest steps forward on improving Grouse moors has been in the identification of tick as a major factor in supressing grouse populations both by L.I. Virus transfer and simply the physical effects of high tick burdens on chicks. Using sheep as "tick mops" and regular gatherings and application of acaracides has signifcantly reduced tick burden and shown a corresponding increase in grouse survival.

    I am not sure how much ticks affect deer directly but no animal carrying so many parasites can be at its best, let alone the risk of viral infection causing further problems to its health.

    I am not aware of any practical treatment for tick in wild deer populations.

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    I shot a buck last weekend on our ground in S.Ayrshire and that had a high tick count, also picked up my first of the year which lodged behind my knee.

    I normally wear breeks and gaiters so now decided to try some Seeland stalking trousers to close off the entry point at the knee area, although I'm sure the critters will creep up my leg somehow! for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I have taken a few bucks over the last 5 weeks and I don't think I have had any that have not been subject to a fair amount of Ticks and Ked. I have also found a few Ticks on the dogs and like CL I have had to remove one from behind my knee, which is not as bad as finding one where I did last year at about the same time of year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blunderbust View Post
    which is not as bad as finding one where I did last year at about the same time of year.
    Sounds like the old crofter who went to the doctor to get what he thought were hemmoroids seen to....

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