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Thread: Just wondered ! anyone loaded 100gn in 7mmWSM

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    Just wondered ! anyone loaded 100gn in 7mmWSM

    I found some 7mm 100gn Hornady hollow point flat base over at Valley arms a while back, just wondered if anyone had tried this weight /calibre combo, before I start playing with powders & charges, reckon it could be outstanding Fox juju !

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    Hoping to be out with test loads using the 100 grain hollow points tomorrow afternoon, found a bit of data, & some reloader 15 to push them with.

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    Sorry finnbear I didn't see this until just now. Although I personally have never used 7mm bullets that light I have have a friend in the US that has a hotrod 7mm rifle (7x300) and he uses the 115 grain Speer HP and finds it very effective on a wide range of game from Cariboo and Sheep to Bear.

    If you wanted to know more you would have to go and "speak" to him on the forum he uses.

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    Brit, Thanks for the heads up, if you can let me have some contact details , I will be interested in anything he might have experienced, Went to the "range" as planned yesterday afternoon, for some pre foxing load developement, started by setting out a couple of temporary target frames at 200yds, these targets are my buddy's productions, consisting of five separate aiming points on each sheet, the whole of this sheet is overlayed with 20mm square grid lines, I decided to err on the side of safety, as all these test cartridges were unknown quantities, in regards to actual compatibility with the rifle, so on with the safety glasses! first to go down range was 59grains of reloader 15, lit with CCI Magnum primer, under the 100 grain hollow point Hornady's cat# 2800 from Valley Arms,(the ones I found covered in dust, ) initial aiming point was just under the target frame proper, into the sand strata, the hollow point went over the chrony at 3200 fps & destroyed the target, the impact with the damp sand had sent up a blast of debris that ripped the paper off the boarding & tipped the board over, no sign of pressure seen on checking the case, four more of the same on the standby frame, this put an acceptable cluster almost touching, a tad high & right of point of aim, as these were looking so reasonable with starting charge over the chrony, I elected to leave the intermediate charges in the box & fire one round of just under max load for pressure signs, 63 grains went bang nicely, through the trap at 3438 fps, poi a little higher around 3", max load being around 65.5 grains, I thought that the velocities produced, were comfortably within the lower barrel burning capabilities of these loads, further tweaking for a later date, as the light was beginning to fade .

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    Alongside my dallyings with 100 grain bullets in 7mm WSM, my shooting partner has just been having startling results with 120 grainers, His turn on the trigger last night, turned one inside out @200.

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    I load 100gr Sierra hollow points in 7mm-08 flat out over 45gr of Varget and it is consistently sub 1" at 200 yards (off solid platform - I'm not that good off sticks!).

    Great load - one of my favourites.

    Long time since I chrono'd it but could find the figures if of interest.

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    Anything you have done over a chrony is of value, Eyefor. 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Anything you have done over a chrony is of value, Eyefor. 8)
    ...archive dusted off.......3146fps from 22" barrel

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    That looks Ok!, not too much of a barrel burner!

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    7mm WSM now finished with load tweaking, both with 162 grain A max, & 100 grain hollow points, 2,800 fps for the 162's, & 3400 fps for the hollow points. first pic 200yds / 162 grain A max--- 69.3 grains Ramshot Magnum & thanks to info given on here "standard" large rifle primer, second pic, returning .223 foxing rounds from 200 to 100yds, 52 grain A max over 24.8 grains N133, third pic shots taken from tailboard, unfortunately the paper for the 100 grain hollows was stolen by the wind & deposited in a very large deep lake Grid squares are twenty millimetres
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