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Thread: First roe buck

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    First roe buck

    My first roe buck ever and what a memory. A huge thanks to Richard from Devon deer for his help and perseverance. I have been out with Richard a few times, a nicer chap you will not want to meet, he has a wide selection of permissions ranging from almost moorland to rolling Devon farmland. He also has deer! Red, fallow and roe. The last few times the elements have been against us and although loads of signs we struggled to find a shootable deer. However last Friday was different. The evening was calmer, warmer and we set of with a feeling of anticipation. Very quickly we spotted a buck and after a mile detour came up the hedge line he had been on. We found where he had been couching and walked slowly forward only to find he had sat back down only 15 yards further on, lazy thing. Unfortunately he spotted us first and off he went. I was beginning to feel my jinx working again! About an hour and a half later we came across two bucks having a shouting match over a doe. This was across a valley and although a long shot perfectly safe. Down on the bipods I lined up on his shoulder and down he went. My first buck. We measured the shot length at 182 meters which made the experience even more memorable. I have boiled the head and at 431g it is just short of a medal but I don't care. It will still go up on the wall as a vivid memory of a very exciting evening. My two boys are now fighting over who gets the trophy, I have told them I will leave it to them in my will which I hope will be many years and bucks to come.

    If anyone is looking for stalking in Devon I can thoroughly recommend Richard. Check him out on this site and his web pages and who knows maybe you will come away with as good a memory as I did.


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    Cant beat that feeling. Well done


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    Thanks for the endorsement Big Ears!
    It was a pleasure taking you out, and that is a great start to shooting Roe Bucks.
    You did a great job boiling out the trophy, and very quick!
    See you on the river soon in search of the silver leaper.

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    Congratulations and Waidmannsheil!
    The first will be a very special memory for a hunters lifetime....
    May many follow!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done loving the arm cammo too !

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    Well done!
    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    Wish I'd taken it of but was just high at that moment.

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    allways remember your first , well done

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