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Thread: The wheels came off my quad!

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    The wheels came off my quad!

    But, look what went back on, that nice man Tartanjock did it for me on Friday. Off later in the week to run it side by side with Glens Argo, should be interesting .

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    now that looks like some bit of kit

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    Looks like you took the plunge then. Just don't get that one stuck

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    That's not the same rig that was on show at "the show" was it Jhon?

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    That looks like a professional job that! Shame the weather was bad when they got fitted, wouldn't have minded seeing what they could tackle.

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    That looks like it will go up trees ! Nice job TJ

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    looks a bit tricky to fix a flat tyre though ??

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    How many supermarket shopping trollies did you have to rob to make that JB?
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    Be a bugger to park!!
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    Very nice, what do the tracks do for speed ?
    I appreciate it's more to do with being able to cover ground, as opposed to flying about.

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