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Thread: SD deer dog register

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    SD deer dog register

    I got a call from a fellow stalker this morning who's client had wounded a big roe buck and he couldn't locate it, he asked if I could help or could I recommend someone with a good tracking dog as this was not a dead deer to find but a very mobile animal, I could not help myself but put him in touch with a good tracking friend of mine.

    This got me wondering how many people use the SD deer dog register ether as a stalker or as a tracking team ?

    surely its now time for a system like this in this country

    this has got to be the way forward, its good for the stalker and more importantly deer welfare
    I know there are lots of issues with this such as boundary's, insurance and training standard's and many more but things must surely change sooner or later, like it, or like it not.

    your thoughts


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    I would be well up for joining such a scheme. I can't be the only one that is more interested in the working dog aspects of deer stalking than actually stalking deer!
    it'd be a great source of extra practice/work for my dog.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    I find it irresponsible for those who take out clients not to have a decent dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I find it irresponsible for those who take out clients not to have a decent dog!
    Or have access to one ! which is what this man did, he does have a dog but only one that can find dead deer and not one that can track something which is mobile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I find it irresponsible for those who take out clients not to have a decent dog!
    i fully agree with your veiw on this ,but i do think if this is to go forward we must try and keep our views and thoughts in our heads , and try to look at the positives not the negatives ,which i feel will encourage more stalkers to come clean on wounded quarry,not trying to upset or critisise any one who also find it irresponsable and to be honest we all have probably been out ourselves without a dog to hand , i no i have ,it is a great idea and needs all the encouragement for people to register but more so use it , happy hunting arron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I find it irresponsible for those who take out clients not to have a decent dog!
    Totally agree wae howy if going to do the job rite u must have a deer dog ave always wondered how many beast r shot each season and never found and even worse going around wounded

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    As I have said before count me in also as said before I am glad to offer help with my dog to track a wounded beast just about anywhere within reason and I mean injured by rifle or other means i,e, RTA. For anyone who asks.
    Now this is where it comes to the nitty gritty as always and some will not agree with my views but all I want is to track to the best of my and the dogs ability. This ability I believe should be proven and if you are called upon there should be not so much rules but an agreed code of conduct.
    Reason -- to grow and nurture TRUST& RESPECT, between both parties .
    Simple code to follow and agree to.
    ​We do not ever Criticise.
    We do this NOT, to gain Stalking.
    We do NOT, do this for financial gain or profit.
    We do Not use a request as PRACTICE for an unproven dog/ handler to do so would only serve to undo the good work of others.
    Also the stalker must allow the handler to be in control of the tracking, not to interfere this is for safety reasons if a firearm has to be used.
    Just a few points I think may be good to discuss and have clear . To me it boils down to TRUST, in both parties and in the ability of the dog/ handler. As you said your friends dog is not able to find a strong lightly wounded deer so going to track with just any dog is not going to help anyone nor will it help tracking Per Se.
    I do not wish to start any arguments with these points just food for thought, as said count me in.

    ​ Regards WIDU.
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    I agree with Widu 100%
    what an opportunity we have to set this up especially here on the SD.

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    count me in too , i will be only to pleased to help if i can !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest.

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    Well done Tony and well said Widu! Onwards and upwards!

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