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Thread: I Buried my dog last week

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    I Buried my dog last week

    I had to have my 13 month old Hanoverian cross Bavarian put to sleep last week after finding out he had leukaemia. I just couldn't see him suffering any more.

    I'm gutted and don't think I will get another dog.

    They say that in your life you will get one dog that is really special, and I think Thor was mine.

    Bah.. such is life.....

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    I buried my dog

    Hi, you will with the passing of time feel better, I should know , our garden has five dogs interred at the mo'' all loved dearly, you will come to terms with it, I just hope the future owners of our place don't have a penchant for double digging the garden.

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    Steve oh
    Sorry about your loss , I lost a couple of old friends , in the past year , or two know how you feel .
    Get another dog as soon as you feel right , do not deny yourselfe the pleasure of having a constant companion around .
    Regards Trapper.

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    so sorry to hear of such passing of such a young dog
    over the years i hav lost many a special dog
    only 12 months ago i lost my name sake
    he was trully special , one in a million
    no matter what anyone says, it will not make up for your loss
    but in-time, another dog will come along and prove just as special in their own right
    once the pain has started to dissapear a little then maybe it is the time to start looking for another companion
    Ps just had a look back to check on the dates and read the final farewell once more
    just realised the pain never dissapears, just fades a little
    good luck for your future choice

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    Had my first black lab in my second year at university. He used to come to lectures and tutorials with me. He was a totally fearless wonderful companion and I will never see his like again. But each time one passes I always get another. Couldnt be without one.


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