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Thread: Supplements for dogs

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    Supplements for dogs

    I have recently moved my dogs onto a diet consisting mostly of raw meat, bones and liquidised vegetables. Whilst reading the BARF book, I noticed that the author recommends brewers yeast and kelp tablets as supplements for dogs.

    1. How much brewers yeast is it safe to feed to a dog (he doesnt mention this in the book)

    2. He mentions kelp tablets but is there an alternative in this country, say dried kelp and if so, again what is safe to feed to a dog? The author mentions a tablet but doesnt say the size of tablet or dog.



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    No need to worry if the dog is getting a nicely balanced, quality commercial diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    No need to worry if the dog is getting a nicely balanced, quality commercial diet
    I know about them, but my terrier has a number of alergies, he has really sensitive skin and has been on steroids for it for years. Even with hypoallergenic foods such as james wellbeloved, he itches however by feeding him chicken wings, meat, fish, veg etc it has reduced drastically. That's why i'm wanting to keep him on it and find out what else I need to add to it. He has only been on it for a couple of weeks but the difference is unbelievable, no more biting himself, or constant scratching. I'm just really annoyed with myself for not trying it for him years ago.

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    Take a look at canagan brand and reaad what they have to say my dachshund had simular issues before switching to this.

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