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Thread: any one got a spare roe jig?

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    any one got a spare roe jig?

    I find myself in need of a roe jig to prepare a trophy.
    not a great head but has sentimental value to me, so would like to mount it.
    anyone got a cheap second hand jig that they would sell me? Not bothered what it looks like as long as it works as it should.
    all the best

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    Failing that, would anyone be willing to lend me one?

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    Can't help with the jig, but they are not that difficult to cut freehand, just take your time use something like a Sandvik wood saw is ideal, bone saw cuts OK obviously, but its hard to keep it cutting straight.

    Skin your head and mark where you want your cut with a knife so that you have a line to follow, you should find that you manage to cut it fairly straight if you do go slightly off its easy enough to straighten them up after they have been cleaned with an angle grinder using a grinding disk, if grinding or sanding bone use a face mask.

    Sorry its not what you are looking but if you can't find one its an idea, believe me once you have done a few freehand you would not bother going back to using a jig.

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    I agree with Bogtrotter. You can buy a Machine Mart bench belt sander for less than a roe jig, just cut with a panel saw and tidy up, if required, on the belt sander. Thats the way i've done it for years with everthing from muntjac to big park red deer.

    Don't forget, its best to get any potential medal bucks measured before you cut them.

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    If only I was closer. To be honest, the cheapest I could find was from Bushwear at 29.99 and was even at 15 in their sale a couple of months ago. Used it a fair few times and as good as anything. Girlfriend doesn't like me cleaning the brains off of it in the kitchen sink though

    Like above if you have a lot of practice with a wood saw (or a hacksaw) then it can be done fairly easily as I used to do this but if it goes wrong on a special head you'd kick yourself for not just spending the money. Jig gets it done way quicker in my opinion with less hassle.

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