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Thread: Checking back in - old Suffolk member but just not recently!

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    Checking back in - old Suffolk member but just not recently!

    Well, I've been a member since April 2009 but I've not been a regular visitor and, truth be told, I've hardly been here.

    I can address that now and I'll keep this page open, following the forum on FB and Twit.

    What's happening for me? Wwell most of my rifles have been sold off and I'm down to the Finnfire Range wabbiting wifle, my old fave Tikka 243, the Tikka M55 rebarrel in 6BR, the Tikka M65 308 is shortly to go which leaves me with the Riflecraft TMR1 .22/250 which hasn't been foxing for 2 years now since my mate retired from full-time keepering. I'll like to sell the latter as it's just not getting any use in the field and it's out of template for MoD gallery range use. Should I rebarrel it to a bigger calibre? I dunno. 6BR will get me 600 yard gallery range plinking and the 243 when it runs out of barrel could go up a calibre for stalking.

    All the .22 military training rifles went to make way for a growing interest in photography with digital and film.

    I haven't seen a gallery range for some time but am glad to help my local BDS Branch to run range training days.

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    Welcome back to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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