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Thread: Really pis??s me off

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    Really pis??s me off

    Just had the dogs out on our usual walk and somebody had taken the trouble to bag a pile of dog **** up in a little black bag and tie it in a nice little bow and the chucked it on the grass verge at the side of the lane. If your going to bag it at least put it in a bin.
    Also what's the point in taking something 100% biodegradable and putting it in something that will make it last 100 years.
    Rant over.


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    Totally agree, very lazy to bag it and then not bother to put it in a bin.
    As to why bother to put dog poo in a bag, the below may be of interest,

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    I get the same sort of thing on a lane that borders one of my shots poeple bag it then leave it on the bolard at the end of the lane sometimes can be 5 or more bags there it really pees me off.

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    This really pee's me off, they bag it and hang it in trees near us...why? Either leave it where it drops (in the woods) or bin it in the **** bin 100m away you lazy feckers!

    Winds me up!

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    same around me thay bag and drop it! land mines heating up if i see em thay get them back but cut open on the door step LOL ,it would be better not to bag it and protect it from the bug's
    not saying its right but no one collects it up on game shoots the beaters always cop for the guns dog do' the next time out ,yuc now't as bad as a boot full in the gun bus

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