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    atec cmm4

    hi has anyone got any tips on how to get one of these apart, also do they havea certain lifespan, ie roughly how many rounds. thanks

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    when I first got mine it was trying to keep it tight was the problem, after a few shots it has now settled down, the rubber o rings are the thing to be careful of, I use a bit of tape as a grip on each segment, and give it a good clean out, refit together carefully and don't pinch up the o rings, haven't had any signs of wear yet. A1 so far

    They really are a stalking mod, if you use them on the range for a lot of shots I don't believe they will have a long life, aluminium and heat don't really mix


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    They do have a lifespan, like all things - how long will be largely dependent on how carefully you look after it and how much action you give it. Put it whole in an ultrasonic cleaner and don't worry too much......if you do need to get it apart and the ally threads are not too bound, then boiling it should do the trick if they are a bit tight. Plenty of silicon grease on the 'o' rings once you do have it apart.
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    Instructions says to use molykote G-rapid + , 6 on evil-bay at the mo only place I could find the rapid plus +, As said they are a stalking mod but not as fragile as you might think .

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    thanks will try the boiling route

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