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Thread: .17hmr cleaning

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    .17hmr cleaning

    just woundering if any one else finds, when the clean the .17hmr barrel, i use the brush and then the mop, but they are very tight and i have to use a lot of force to push them through.
    is this normal or should i try getting som different brushes and mops??

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    They're a fricken nightmare to clean - I use "wipe out" patch out and accelerator with a pull through and no brushes or rods. Then a patch with methylated spirit to remove residue, then loads of dry patches until they come out completely dry.

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    yeah its very tight, wasnt sure if it was just me. are different make brushes/mops any better.
    im i best using a pull through
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    I've not found a decent rod, but any thinner and they'd be too weak. I've got an awesome plastic coated wire pull through I got with a small bore cleaning kit off eBay.

    I'd get a good pull through if I were you, along with some good cleaning fluid and meth spirit.

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    which one did you get off ebay, think i will get one. the rod just to tight

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    I used to use a Pro Shot rod and jag along with the proper size patches and a nylon brush.
    Yes it is tight, but a bore guide will support the rod, if the patch isn't tight it won't do it's job properly.
    I must have been doing something right, I sold the hmr with over 13K rounds down it and it still shot
    tiny little groupsm ammo quality allowing, the ammo reliability being the reason for selling.


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    I use wipe out-patch out on a nylon brush with a bore guide, and then clean out with patches on a pull through. I do that every few hundred rounds and use a bore snake with a crown protector every fifty or so.

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    which bore snake do you use, as is a crown protector the same as a bore protector

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    which bore snake do you use, as is a crown protector the same as a bore protector
    I use the original hoppes bore snake and I lathe crown protectors which are really just extended 2" thread protectors with a hole the same size as the calibre, this stops the cord from damaging the rifles crown.


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    I clean mine with VMax

    ​very fast

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