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Thread: Books on uk goats and sheep stalking?

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    Books on uk goats and sheep stalking?

    Does anybody know of a book on uk stalking of wild sheep and goats? I'm building my library's back up and an very interested in sheep and goat stalking but there's not an awful lot out there by the looks of things? Also does anyone know of a good book on deer welfare ie nutrition and health?

    Many thanks gents


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    Whitehead has a book on the goats of Bitain and Ireland. It's very good. I would have thought that there were tons on deer welfare, but the vet at Auchtermuchty, Fletcher, will be bound to have published some.

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    Thanks goat hunter I'll look them up now

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    there's management and diseases of deer by tl alexander and d buxton, primarily a vetenary diagnostic/treatment handbook but has some management of farmed , park deer and other info as well.

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    Thank you very much sounds just what I'm looking for

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    Also, The Deer Managers Companion by Jochen Langbein and Rory Putman.

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