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Thread: zeroing in my rifle

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    zeroing in my rifle

    do i need to be fireing across a flat area or is it ok to be fireing down at a angle in to the target {ie} down in to a vally could this affect the the zeroing of the gun.

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    As long as you remember that shooting downhill makes the point of impact rise, no problem


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    Depends on the angle.

    Whether up/down the distance will be shorter for the bullet.
    Therefore if the angle is +/- 30 degrees the real distance the bullet flies is 0.9 of the range indicated. Ie 100m at a 30o angle is the same as shooting at a target at 90 m
    At 45o it would be 0.7 ie 70m.

    These are good rules of thumb If the angle is less than 20o and the range less than 200 dont worry about the calculations


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    I think you'll gather from the above that it makes more sense to zero on the flat if you have the option!

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    The maximum effect that gravity has on a bullets flight is when its flying parallel to the ground.
    Your shot will hit high if you shoot up or down hill at the same distance. this is lessened though at closer ranges were the bullet is still at very high velocity when the bullet is travelling "point blank"

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