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Thread: Wanted - fixed power Swarovski, S&B or Zeiss

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    Wanted - fixed power Swarovski, S&B or Zeiss


    I am looking for a fixed power 7x 50, 8 x 50/56 scope with or without an illuminated reticle.

    Does anyonehave a Zeiss Classic Diatal 7 x 50 T that they would like to part with?


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    Some fantastic deals out there on Swaro PH's and PV's.

    Check out this listing:

    I bought a "Category 2" PV 2.5-10x42 last week. Turned up looking brand new, literally not a mark on it.

    The other crowd to check is Swillington Shooting in Leeds. They had at least one PF 8x50 IR last week.

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    I have a S & B 8x56 30mm Hungarian in mint condition which I might be looking to sell, any good pm me.


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    Hi Karl
    Pic of scope as promised I want 400 for it. Its in mint condition and it says A8 on the box so I guess its a No 8 ret, I'm putting it in the classifieds as well but I will give you first refusal.


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