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Thread: boot wax

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    boot wax

    what sort of wax and leather cleaner do you guys use on your stalking boots?
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    There was a thread on here about making your own, very interesting and simple and absolutely top notch!

    home made boot polish

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    I love natural stuff - mink oil etc, but for Goretex boots it's pretty important to use something that allows for breathability, such as Nikwax.

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    Meindl sports wax mate. Very good for gortex boots as it doesn't block the pores of the material. Then some meindl waterproofing spray to finish. water beeds up on contact. Very good stuff nad cheap at less than 10 for the lot

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    Or if you are really stuck & bad weather is promised, die lube. preferably Royal case & die lube.
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    petroleum jelly cheap and works well i have a pair of danner matterhorn boots had them for 7 years now there still water tight and lovely and soft

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    Still using dubbin -- old habits die hard but not my boots.

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