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Thread: Bedding Advice needed

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    Bedding Advice needed


    I have my three cockers in my kennel and run, I have been using straw for bedding from several different suppliers. I have found that they are picking up tics from the straw which is really annoying.

    I have tried fine saw chippings but the dogs come out in the morning looking like it has been snowing in the kennel

    I was wondering what other types of bedding people use or could recommend.

    Many Thanks

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    Would coir be an option, I think it's coconut hair? Steve.

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    Three cockers will keep warm in most kennels with just their body heat! You could put in a rubber mat to make you feel better and maybe prevent kennel sores.

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    The other thing you could do if you like straw is to use the same method as the services used, still do?. Get some hessian (about £2 a mtr at most) and make a big bag, 3ft square for gsd size, stitch it well on three sides and on one side stitch so its easy to get apart then you fill it with straw which you then just renew when needed. The bag dries well and all you do is make a couple at the same time. We used these in Germany and the dogs were out down to -30 with no probs and no mess as long as you dog isnít a chewer then your back to straw again. The other thing is look at your supplier if itís full of ticks. Try your local machinery ring they should have a list of suppliers in your area if you get stuck.

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    Hi,i have used builders bulk bags for a while now, stuff 4/5 into one and sew up if you like, they dry quick and are disposable.

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    Hi,i have used builders bulk bags for a while now, stuff 4/5 into one and sew up if you like, they dry quick and are disposable.

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    We use recycled shredded cardboard - local chap who suppliers stables etc drops a few bales off when we need it. Much better than shredded paper we;ve had in the past (which was really dusty and clumped together when it got wet) and it's clean and easy to dispose of.

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    Thanks All

    I have fallen back to what I used to use in their cages which is;

    kennelmate beds.

    tough and easy to clean.

    Many thanks for the replies.

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    In a German shooting magazine , I once read that a mix of straw and bracken keeps your dogs free of fleas . I have never tried it myself , but maybe worth a test .
    The bracken must be dried outside ( brown ) before you use it .

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    Be careful with that bracken, the spores are thought to be a carcinogen.

    I use fleece blankets from Ikea, couple of quid each and chuck them out when they get manky. I just put half a dozen of them in the kennel and let the dogs sort them out!

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