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Thread: Danish friend out for a quick stalk!

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    Danish friend out for a quick stalk!

    Well, a good friend from Denmark was over this week with a group of stalkers out with John of YDS and as Christian wasn't really here to stalk with John he called upon a few friends to take him out. I was last (but not least) to take him out yesterday morning. He arrived at my house for 4:20 and we headed straight out so as not to wake 'her indoors'. Our farm is only 2 mins from my house so we parked up and waited 10 minutes for it to get a little lighter. The first field we stepped into we could see the familiar shape of 2 deer feeding at the far end but it was still far too dark to see what sex they were. We stalked a hedgerow down towards them but the wind was gusting in their direction so they winded us a little and spooked a bit further down the field, but taking with them a previously out of sight buck.

    We doubled back on ourselves and took the opposite side hedgerow down in their direction, but keeping the hedge between us and the deer. By the time we'd done that the deer had moved into the next field on, feeding slowly away but pretty unconcerned. At the bottom of he field we were in was a perfect gap in the hedge with which to take a shot, so i set the sticks up and crouched below them while Christian deployed his UNMODERATED .308. Watching through my binos the buck moved perfectly into position and Christian took the shot, at which point my world went very quiet and I realised I'd forgotten to plug my ears prior to he shot - error!

    The buck dropped to shot perfectly and we had a very nice buck in the bag, all by 04:55 am! I gralloched the buck for him (as all good hosts should) bagged him up and we went for a walk to see if we could find a fox. No such luck but still, a cracking morning had by both of us. We headed back to mine for a cup of tea, cut the head off his beast to take back to Denmark and he made his way back to his mates mid-morning to catch the ferry home!

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    Well done to you and your mate cracking write up and nice pic bazil

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    Good start to the day!

    Whats the wife doing in bed at 04.20! Especially as you were off out!

    Whats this world coming to?

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    Well done. Nice head too. Does your friends stalk in Denmark and if so what species?
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    Well done and congratulations!
    Thats perfect hosting, I believe!


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    Quote Originally Posted by seanct View Post
    Well done. Nice head too. Does your friends stalk in Denmark and if so what species?
    Yes, he has a decent sized lease over there. Red, Roe and Fallow. But a touch more expensive than over here - going rate for very good Danish stalking is £50 per acre! Cheap sh*t land with no deer on goes for £5 per acre!
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    Nice one tom is that the old lifeguard station in the distance? if it is when I was a kid we had a few school trips there, nice buck too is that the one you mentioned in an earlier post ? DF

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    No Bob its the Golf Club, but the Coastguard station is only 200 yards behind that! Not the same buck as previously mentioned mate he's elsewhere!
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    Well done, that's definetly the way to host a friend.



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    Nice one Tom good going mate, looks a nice buck.

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