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Thread: Coincidence???????

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    Shot this buck today,its antlers are almost identical to a buck I shot in the same area 4 or 5 years ago,coincidence or could they be related somewhere down the line???/

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    looks like his work was done and blood line is still out there from 4yrs ago

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    Genetic faults or certain visual aspects can be carried on the gene string for generations and pop out at any time.
    This is even more likely in a park where no outsider can mate with the residents there.

    About 40-50 years ago I used to cull Reds in a park. Mounted heads in the Castle showed quite a few sets of antlers which had the bay/bez tine missing on the left antler.

    When culling the stags I always shot like specimens irrespective of their other qualities. Unfortunately whilst culling hinds there was no indication of this serial genetic fault and thus it would be carried on forever.

    Roe tend to live in family groups and mating with relatives is a possibility.
    I have quite a few specimens which show similar characteristics, narrow heads or very wide heads for example.


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    I would say it is entirely possible that you have shot a son. I have a nice bit of ground locally and reckon that I can tell which of 2 bloodlines 75% of bucks I shoot there belong to. Strong genetic traits show easily

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