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Thread: impromptu stalk

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    impromptu stalk

    Haveing been out early on saturday and not seen any deer at all I intended haveing a lay in this morning .
    This was not to be as I was woken up around 2-45am with car doors slamming and loud voices,there was a party and disco at the pub last night only 45 paces from my front door needless to say i did not go carnt stand the pace now.
    little chance of getting back to sleep I had some food got gear together and drove for an hour into a lovely sunrise.
    seeing several deer in fields on the way there hopes were high

    On arrival at the ground I set off as the wind shifted to my back "oh hell" being alongside a road I carried on that leg of the circuit bumped a buck . Turning left put the wind better and had to stalk past some sheep and canada geese they can be a real pain to get past.
    On arrivel by the wooded valley and turning to face the wind a young buck stood looking at me in the wood I froze until he wandered off then the barking started further along the valley, dropping down to the stream in the valley bottom i worked slowly along upstream towords the persistant barks my luck was in a buck came trotting back past me he stopped to "oih" and fell to a freehand 20 yard shot the one that had chased him out barked again 75yards further on unseen.
    Dragging the gralloched buck to the top edge of the wood I hung him up for collection later I caught a glimse of a rather good head watching me then he moved off in no hurry
    I stalked the rest of the valley and never saw him then turning again along some new planting a doe stood munching the tops out then on the skyline movement another buck.i had to retreat stalk around the doe crawl up a knoll to get a safe backstop after watching him a while the barking started again behind me the big boy was back on the opposite hill watching this strange thing crawling about in the grass (me) .I turned back to my target buck to see him bending a young tree double his next move into the clear was his last to my surprise his hind leg was hanging on by tendens only (see photo) I reckon he had been caught up in wire when being chased.
    all in all a grand mornings stalking to get two cull bucks bonus.

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    Well done & nice write up.



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    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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