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Thread: Gun mounted cameras

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    Gun mounted cameras

    I would like to film some footage of some stalking this season and wondered if anyone could give me the heads up on where to get a gun mounted camera,cheers nemo
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    Hi nemo,

    I've got a Contour ROAM which I'm really happy with, preferred it over the GoPro as it was waterproof without a special housing and it has a rotatable lens giving you more flexibility when it comes to mounting it to you rifle.

    There's some info on my blog here, as well as a video of a buck kid I shot:

    There only good for 50 meters or less as there is no zoom, so you will have to get up close if you want some good footage.
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    Spypoint are about to launch their own take on the Go Pro with full 1080P and bundled with loads of accessories to deliver Go Pro 3 performance, cheaper and designed for the hunting market as well as extreme sports so comes with mounts etc for rifles.

    Will post more details when available but you can find out more for now here.



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