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Thread: Is big better.

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    Is big better.

    Can anyone help me understand if it is possible to assess future potential of an animal by its first set of antlers.

    This chap was born last year and has about 6 inches on the next best. Would I be right in believing that no assumptions can be made.

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    I can't answer your question, but your stalking is on the ball , either that or you have some camera

    Nice Stag.


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    Definately potential there, you will have a good idea with his next set.

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    Grant, hes a healthy looking beast but, assuming that hes in a park, hes really nothing special in the antler department. Having said that, why not run him on until next year and find out what he does? If hes your best spiker then it always pays to run him on anyway. Assuming that you don't want an excess of adult stags then you will always have to cull a high proportion of spikers so take the worst and leave the best. What blood line do your deer have? If hes a wild deer then who knows, you may never see him again and how will you identify him to see what his antlers are like next year? JC

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    It was a long and arduous stalk Stu, requiring several minutes in a Kawasaki mule and a bag of feed.

    He is a park animal and my issue is one of succession. I would like to keep one of these chaps but not sure how to gauge which one. They all seem in good nick, but this one stands out in terms of his weaponry.
    If these are no guide as to future potential, what is?

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    Grant, its simple mate, he is obviously your first choice or you wouldn't have put up a picture of him! Stick with your first thought and go out this afternoon and shoot the rest! That way you won't be bugged by indecision! I won't anoy you by putting up a picture of the 14 point spiker that I have decided to run on this year! Best wishes, JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275
    ...... I won't anoy you by putting up a picture of the 14 point spiker that I have decided to run on this year! Best wishes, JC
    Do It!!! 8)

    Would live to have quality Red like that running wild on my bit, I have some very good Sika, 6 and 8 point but have not been lucky enough to have a summer at home cull some, Scottish Seasons I can only hope I'm there next year
    The Red's I've seen are only 1-2 year old lads, who have come down to shelter early in the new year, the Sika stags are there all year round and in abundance come closed season


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    JC I would like to see that too. Your probably right about my course of action but i would like to spend a few months agonising over it (well at least till they weigh a bit more).

    Is it correct to call them knobbers rather than spikers. They were born in 2008.


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    Grant (or TJ, if you see this first), if you PM me your email adress, I will send you a couple of photos that you can put up as I don't seem to be able to do it. As far as red deer terminology goes, Spikers, Knobbers and Prickets (prickets is less often used as it generally refers to fallow) are all used to decribe this age class of animal, ie born June 2008 so 15 months old at the moment. I tend to call them spikers so as not to be confused with my fallow prickets and knobbers just seems inapropriate when they carry well developed antlers. The different terms always promote discussion and I think that it is good to keep them alive rather than just saying yearling stag etc. You are right that the remainder will gain a few kilos over the next couple of months but I still shoot all of the poor ones as soon as the season opens just so that visitors only see the good ones and I can pretend that they were all like that and I don't have any average or poor ones! JC

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    Thanks for that JC. I always thought a spiker was in his third year.


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