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Thread: my biggest buck

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    my biggest buck

    had an unexpected visitor to a trail cam!!!!!!

    first ones a video rest are pics..... just click the 1st one i think

    managed to get eyes on him eventually and took the old fellow,
    biggest roe ive personally seen both in head and body weight

    dressed the skull yesterday and will bleach tomorrow.....i know its to dry etc but was 720grams after boiling and cleaned out

    one for the memories

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    Lol Paul I little bird told me about that fella , cracker bud bet your still smiling great times Paul nice one.

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    nice, looks just about right, well done that man

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    Very nice! I'd be made up with that buck!

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    I'll be doon by for some of those Sauer burgers... NIce beastie !

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    Congrats... Nice looking deer there

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    Nice buck, congrats!

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    couple of pics since boiled out and bleached the skull


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    That's a cracker Paul, what weight is it after cleaning etc

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