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Thread: Best Muntjac deer managment stratergy pls ?

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    Best Muntjac deer managment stratergy pls ?

    Alright lads,

    Recently i acquired my first bit of shooting land which has proved to have muntjacs on it. I am very happy about this as until now all the (limited) stalking ive done has been paid weekend trips.

    I recently shot a heavily pregnant doe muntjac which was the first ive taken on this permission.

    I have since seen another Doe and a Buck but was reluctant to shoot them, as i already had a freezer full and i want to encourage them to breed at least to the point where i have regular sport. This permission is a 370acres golf course surrounded by a large woods (most of the woods 95% is outside my permission) however the muntjacs ive seen have been wandering out of the woods onto the golf course, or by a small wood in the golf course which is floor covered in blue bells right now.

    I had this theory that if i leave the buck be, he will remain in the local vicinity and will attract further does into my permission.... is this likely or am i living on a cloud ? obviously things are looking good for this permission, in my first two outings ive seen three muntjacs but id like to make sure i manage the permission well and maximize the number of deer which i can take without taking too many and leaving myself deer less !

    many thanks for the advice

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    The does attract the bucks, i'd say looking at where you live you can just crack on!

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    if 95% of the surrounding woods are not your permission i would not worry too much as they will breed like mad in there, shoot what you want i would say
    without getting too trigger happy !!!!!!

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    depends on if the land owner has requested that deal with them hard or not , a guy i used to payday stalk for in bedford said kill em all ,but be selective on the fallow.
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    Like Gary said just crack on, you can guarantee there are a lot more about than the ones you have seen.
    Get yourself the book on Muntjac, well worth having.
    Muntjac: Managing an Alien Species: Charles Smith-Jones, Ashley Boon: Books

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    Sorry, meant to say crack on, ethically..avoid orphaning dependant young.

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    Just shoot everything you see.

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    thanks Lads, really apprecaite the response.
    I didnt realise that the Does attract the bucks, i thought the does were the ones who moved around and the Bucks were the Territorial ones so stayed in one place ?

    Yeh its a fairly large, its a 165.3 acres but surrounded immediately by 5 other smaller woods of around 100acres each.. its a popular woods in watford which is open to the public. But my golf course sits just next to it with a river there too for water source, the golf course also has a small wood in it ( probably no more than 1 acre) . The muntys ive seen were 2 by the deep woods and one by the woods in the middle of my permission

    Thanks Kip270 for the link, just ordered that book looks like it will be a good one!
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    It's the same in all walks of life.........Women wear the trousers They go we follow

    Its a good book to have in the library.

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    Shoot all you see, apart from does with dependent young. You wont run out.

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