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Thread: non lead ammo

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    non lead ammo

    Don't know if this is already been asked but the FC is banning lead ammo by 2015 has anyone any experience of shooting deer with this non lead stuff

    Does it kill ok ? and as a re-loader where on earth do you get it from will we have to use a bigger caliber rifle to make them work or are they no problems with it ???

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    I've used Barnes X's in several cals & think they're great.
    As for performance? They lift the performance of the rifle on larger game.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    As above, used them on 23 animals from springbok to blue and black wildebeest last year in Africa, will use them again this June. All were one shot kills, I recovered the bullets from the wildebeest on the far side against the hide, the others were all pass through. Great performance, however I have had rich hats off tree trunks etc, they tend to stay together, where other lead bullets would breakup. It will happen as it has to some extent on lead shot, they do however as said lift your bullet type up a notch, my 270 130 grains have the knockdown/penetration of a 160 partition, I took both last year, only Barnes this time around. deerwarden.

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    Hi guys
    Just got a box to try and wondering what you're setting them from the lands as hear there liking a good jump of fifty or so.
    Regards Jimmy

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    50-70 thou off the lands is advised by barnes, 50 thou worked for me. deerwarden.

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