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    Morning success

    Early am start yesterday, I headed to our far boundary where I had seen a doe with something in toe last week but I hadnít been able to get a ganders. The wind was completely in the opposite direction today so I used a spinny as cover and made my way the long way round to the boundary fence.

    In the gloom however I hadnít clocked the 40 heffers on the back field and they were rather friendly with their early morning intruder but a few quite oi's and I made the electric fence line intact. What I hadnít then banked on was the cover crops having been ploughed in since Thursday evening but hey ho there are some good hedges and some good grass grazing that side so on I went.

    As the light brightened the morning sky there she was 400yards off and within 50yards of Thursday evening, perfect. I made my approach hoping to find a buck bedded up. After an hours careful glassing and stalking in it was clear that she was on her todd. So I headed back to the van and across the farm to an area we have been seeing a few bucks.

    Well I hadnít gone more than 50 yards after re-parking the truck when I saw the tell-tale signs of a roes backside and then another. Game on the wind was good and I quickly made the first 200yards. Then the next 50 was made on my belly checking regularly I had worked out I def. had one buck but the other was obscured. As I made my way to a safe position I got up to check on them and then I realised I was now 40 yards from a third deer that I hadnít seen bedded. This one was perfectly placed with a lovely safe back drop all he needed to do was stand up. Then as he lifted his head for a stretch it was clear to see. Hmm not a shooter a good sized lad in his middle years who may push a bronze now and has time to be better. (I made a mistake last year and shot a promising buck in error a dif story). So attention back to the others. Both showed their hand stretching in the sun and I had a good six pointer and a younger 4 point in velvet. I decided I needed to improve my backstop, 10 yards crawling would do it. I hadnít gone more than 6 inches when the big boy got up and walked towards me. He circled looking for the wind and at 40 yards paused barked and legged it 20 yards before stopping.

    At this point the two other bucks and a completely invisible doe lifted. Bugger. But all was not lost they meandered about 50 yards and then got on with some grazing. Over the next hour (whilst the sun shone, the wind blew, it rained and down poured and then went back to sun) they were never more than a hundred and fifty yards off. The big lad regularly chased the six pointer off and chivvied up the doe. After an hour and twenty mins my back was killing me but I stayed as motionless as possible, by now I had decided the young 4 pointer was the one to go the six pointer had a good even looking head with nice height and width. Then finally patience was rewarded. The young 4 pointer walked to a nice safe spot 70 yards off, he wobbled turned showing a good exit in the lung area and made it twenty or so yards before keeling over.

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    Seems like you had a little bit o work to do there, makes it all the better.


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    well done, sounds like you enjoy managing the deer correctly and wont just shoot the first one you see, well done

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    Well done!
    Thats, when passion pays off!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Good work, excellant stalking and the right deer taken. Well done, nice read.
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    Nice read,thats what our sport is all about,a cracking time you had,well done!!

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