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Thread: Stealth Cameras

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    Stealth Cameras

    Does anyone use these?

    I'm thinking of getting one when I return home for my patch. I know I have some very good deer on there and I know their routes around my patch but would like to get some good pictures to help with quantity and quality on the ground also monitor movement/territory holding etc....

    I would like it to take pics at night without a flash so IR would be benificial and for it to hold a SD card so I can just remove that and replace while out Stalking for ease.

    Any recommendations or bad points greatly received.


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    There is an article in sept edition of sporting rifle about atealth cams.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint
    There is an article in sept edition of sporting rifle about atealth cams.

    Cheers Jonathon, How's you doing? Good I hope.

    I have read the article, however, I don't for a minute think that they would review a s**t camera for the article. Just after true accounts of persons experience with these cameras and true opinions good or bad.



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    Tartinjock i have been using the prowler stealth cameras for over a year now and have had some great results with it.
    The prowler is one of the best models currently available in the uk with a day time detection range of about 50 feet 5mp and infra red for total darkness, although the detection range at night is significantly reduced.
    It will also except a 2 gig memory card which will massively increase the performance of the camera, i purchased two cards from sainsburys at £7 pounds each.
    The camera can be set to either take still pictuers or video with colour daytime pictures and black and white when its dark.
    All pictures taken include the TIME DATE MOON PHASE and the TEMPERATURE which can come in handy if you are trying to see if a patern is emerging in animals visiting your ground.
    The camera can be set to take single pictures or a burst of up to nine at any one triggering then can start taking pictures again in 60 seconds or up to ninty minutes depending on your setting.
    I had my cameras operating all winter and by adding a 12volt 7amp/hour battery and lead found i could leave them unatended if need be for up to a month without the need to recharge the battery.
    However i would try to change it once a week as this was when i would swop the memory card over.
    The only downside i found with the camera was its method of fixing to a tree or post etc which was basically just a nylon strap and buckle.
    This would make it simple for someone to take the camera if they so wished so to get around this i made a couple of alterations.
    I removed the strap and slid in a piece of sprung steel with a hole drilled in each end,[nearly imposible to cut with a hack saw] i then attached a long lenght of heavy chain and fixed it to the steel sheet.
    Then its a simple job of wrapping the chain around the tree/post then one more wrap so the chain goes behind the top of the camera as this will tilt the camera down slightly towards the ground then padlock.
    This extra wrap of chain [allow plenty] will also stop anyone trying to cut threw with a hacksaw which can be handy if your ground gets visited by the local louts.
    Dont worry to much though as even if they break the camera you will have some nice pictures of them to hand over to the police lol

    I purchased my cameras from the states of ebay four less than half what they cost over here saving myself about £200. quid a piece.
    I hope this helps

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    I have the Scoutguard 550 which has the same features as the Stealth but with a trigger speed of less than 1.2 secs and can be secured by a steel cable which fits into a recess below the lens.Another accessory is a steel 'cage' which totally encases the camera and prevents grizzlies (both animal and human) from smashing it. I t is great fun and the quality is amazing both on pics and video It fits into the palm of your hand and runs on 8 AA batteries which have just expired after 4 and a half months of constant use. The videos can be varied in length from 1-60 secs. (from£1 95 at Stalkers uk

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    Just bought a Stealth when I was in th US Half price special at Bass Pro $99 for one day only, funny they had run out 5 minutes after the store opened,

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    Ditto, Did the same with the stealth cam from Bass Pro $99 back in may. They are good but can be fidley to setup.


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